Another perspective on the Phase One XF-100 system

April 20, 2017

Phase One XF-100

All photos by Robert Hold on the Phase One XF-100.

By Robert Hold

ASMP Dallas Board Member

In the time I had to evaluate the Phase One XF-100 system, I learned quite a few things when using that camera and in comparison to the Canon 5D MkII that I shoot with normally…there are some major differences!

I’m going to start off with what I know, my Canon. I’ve been shooting with a Canon camera for the past 10 years. … Continue Reading

Giving the Phase One XF Camera a Test Run

April 17, 2017

Phase One XF camera

All photos by Jason Janik on the Phase One XF camera system.

By Jason Janik

ASMP Dallas Board Member

It’s not hard to find all the technical details you could hope for regarding the Phase One XF camera system.

Do I need to tell you how well this camera succeeds at producing massive image files with wonderful color, clarity, and contrast? Do I need to toss a bunch of numbers and graphs at you? No. That’s objective information you … Continue Reading

ASMP Member William Morton Sees Great Value In Long-Term Membership

February 21, 2017

William Morton

Dr. Matthew D. Ellington, M.D., is photographed for Austin College at Rady Childrens’ Hospital in San Diego. All photos: William Morton of Morton Visuals

By Leah Shafer

Contributing Writer

Longtime ASMP member William Morton of Morton Visuals found photography as a teenager with a borrowed Exacta camera, seeing the opportunity to take pictures of cheerleaders (and other girls he liked) as a member of the yearbook staff. Not really inspirational, he says, but the beginning of a long and rewarding … Continue Reading

Kent Kirkley Shoots the Stars, Remembers Golden Age of Dallas Photography

October 10, 2016

kent kirkley

All photos courtesy of Kent Kirkley

By Leah Shafer

Contributing Writer

For Dallas photographer Kent Kirkley, a passion for astronomy and love of the skies motivated him to shoot the stars.

Kent Kirkley“I built a telescope and eventually got around to taking photographs through it,” Kirkley said. “I adapted an old Argus camera my father had to the telescope, set up a darkroom in my closet, and off I went—my first photograph was published in Sky & Telescope in about 1962.”… Continue Reading

Beatriz Terrazas Tells Visual, Written Stories with Talent in Both Worlds

September 21, 2016

Beatriz Terrazas

All photos courtesy of Beatriz Terrazas

By Leah Shafer
Contributing Writer

Photographers and writers often need each other to tell a story in the most complete way. The interdependent relationship between the two fields play out in the career of Beatriz Terrazas.

beatriz terrazas“When I first started out, I think I was a photographer who could write,” she said. “When I came into features at Dallas Morning News, I became a writer who could shoot. Now I’m back into … Continue Reading

Sebron Snyder Seeks Artful Collaboration In Commercial Work

August 3, 2016

Sebron Snyder Profile | ASMP Dallas

All photos courtesy of Sebron Snyder

By Leah Shafer

Contributing Writer

Dallas photographer and ASMP member Sebron Snyder is a man who “salivates over collaboration.” He believes all great commercial creative is better with artful teamwork.

Sebron Snyder

Sebron Snyder

“Each person on a project brings elements of success to that project, whether it is a producer, art director or stylist it takes that team to elevate the idea to a higher place,” Snyder said. “I have a way of doing things … Continue Reading

Holly Kuper Hopes for Stronger Professional Ties in Digital-Era Photography Community

June 7, 2016

Profile of Holly Kuper | ASMP Dallas

By Leah Shafer

Contributing writer

It’s no secret that the advent of digital radically changed the practice for all photography professionals. Photographer and ASMP member Holly Kuper has a long-term perspective on the post-film media photography community in the Dallas area. She’s been a member of ASMP since 1981.

“Digital photography has made it very hard to be a community – everything is online and everyone is at their computers, so there is not much communication like the old days,” … Continue Reading

Differentiation is Key In a Changed Industry, Says Stewart Cohen, ASMP Member

May 12, 2016

Stewart Cohen

Photo courtesy of Stewart Cohen

By Leah Shafer

Contributing writer

In an industry hammered by the demise of film, the advent of high-quality smartphone cameras, and filters that allow consumers to create myriad looks with their own photos, photographer, director, and ASMP member Stewart Cohen is philosophical about the future.

Stewart Cohen

Stewart Cohen

“Will it be possible to be a still photographer and make a good living in 10 years? I don’t know,” he said. “When I started, I had a … Continue Reading

A legacy of storytelling: Q&A with Junebug Clark, ASMP lifetime member

June 11, 2015

Baptising in Olde Town Creek, by Joe Clark

Lifetime ASMP member Junebug Clark had big shoes to fill growing up. His father Joe Clark was an acclaimed photographer whose work appeared in Life, National Geographic and in Jack Daniel’s Distillery advertisements. By the age of 3 — yes, three! — Junebug got his first camera and began making photos. At the age of 6, he had his first photo published in Look magazine’s 20th anniversary issue. Since then, Junebug … Continue Reading

Texas Photo Roundup is around the corner!

January 13, 2014

Registration is open for the 2014 Texas Photo Roundup in Austin, Texas. Three great days of workshops, lectures, and parties. Check our calendar listing for information on logistics and registration. Because ASMP is one of the sponsors, members get a discount on some of the events, so check the website and register for what promises to be a great conference.… Continue Reading